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JES Water Systems sells high quality reverse osmosis water filtration systems. We have been installing pure drinking systems in local businesses and homes in the Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana areas for over 15 years. Our water filtration systems use proven reverse osmosis technology and the highest quality materials to remove the contaminants and additives that can be found in virtually every municipal and well water source.

Bottle-less drinking water systems with reverse osmosis filtration provide refreshingly clean, safe and great tasting water for your home or work place. Pure drinking water filtration systems eliminate the hassle of 5-gallon bottles, provide clean drinking water free of harmful BPA's that come from plastic containers, and reduce tons of plastic waste per year to help reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.

We have the water filtration system that suits your needs whether it's a small office, large plant or home. When it comes to drinking and cooking water JES Water Systems has you covered. We can install and maintain your water filtration system at very economical rates.

PCW 1000


PWC 1500

PWC 2000

Commercial Water Coolers

Pure water coolers offer reverse osmosis water filtration for your tap water and have the option to dispense hot, cold and room temperature water in various capacities, styles and colors. Perfect for company lunch rooms, break areas, waiting rooms, or conference rooms, starting at only $35 per month.

PWC 1000

Low Cost Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

  The most popular model dispenses hot & cold water for business up to 40 people. Great for break rooms. View PDF

PWC 1010

Convenient Cold Water Dispenser

  This cold & room temperature model serves locations up to 40 people and is the right choice for public areas. Same cooling operation as the PWC 1000 but without the hot water feature. View PDF

PWC 1500

2-Temp Cooler with Modern Look

  This hot & cold, bottle-less water dispenser has the reliable features of our standard PWC 1000 models and serves up to 40 people. The stylish design fits into modern offices and comes in two colors, standard executive gray or a silver & black option. View PDF

PWC 2000

Deluxe 3-Temp Water Dispenser

  This hot, room & cold water dispenser serves locations up to 50 people with three temperatures of water. The reboil function provides steaming hot water for making tea or soup. View PDF

PWC 3500

High Capacity 3-Temp Water Dispenser

  Like the PWC 2000 but with larger 4 gallon water storage, larger opening for easier refills, flat top for coffee brewer and high capacity RO for locations up to 60 people. Hot, cold & room temperature water. View PDF

PWC 7000

Largest Capacity with Stylish Design

  This hot & cold, bottle-less water cooler has a 6.3 gallon storage capacity. Serves locations of up to 70 people. View PDF

PWC 400

Lo-Profile Countertop Water Cooler

  Great for break rooms, small offices & wet bars. At only 16.5" tall this unit fits on counters and under standard cabinets in homes and offices. Serves up to 30 people. View PDF

PWC 500

Hot & Cold Countertop Water Dispenser

  This hot & cold countertop model serves locations of up to 40 people.
View PDF

PWC 600

3 Temp Countertop Water Dispenser

  Hot, cold & room temperature water serves locations of up to 50 people.
View PDF




PT 4.0


Home Filtration Systems

Our pure water systems offer reverse osmosis water filtration for your tap water in convenient under-the-sink systems for water that is safe, refreshingly clean and great tasting. They also eliminate the need for bottles and the tons of plastic waste that negatively impact our environment.This water is also safe for humidifiers, steam irons and coffee pots and leaves no mineral build up behind.

PT 4.0

4-Stage RO System

  The Vertex PureWaterMachine series of reverse osmosis filter systems have been Gold Seal certified bye WQA for performance and contaminant reduction to ANSI/NSF Standard 58. View PDF

PT 4.0/5

5-Stage RO System - Cleans the Dirtiest Water

  5 stages insure optimum performance. his 5-stage Model is designed to ensure premium water quality by using 3 pre-filters. The additional Carbon Block filter is added to treat water containing high VOCs, high chlorine levels, or where odor or taste is a problem. View PDF

PT 4.0/P

4-Stage RO System - The Low Pressure Solution

  The booster pump provides needed pressure. Use this system when the water pressure is below 40-psi - common in well water systems. The booster pump provides a pressure of 80psi to the RO membrane to operate the system at peak efficiency. View PDF

PT 4.G

4-Stage RO System - Eco Friendly

  The Vertex GreenMachine PT-4G reverse osmosis filter system uses high performance GreenBlock filter media, manufactured with a unique eco-friendly process that significantly reduces harmful greenhouse gases. This new RO product reduces waste water to the drain by up to 50%. View PDF

UV Sterilizer

Leak Detector

UV 4069

Ultra Violet Sterilizer

  Ultraviolet light kills 99% of harmful bacteria in point of use filter systems. It is FDA approved for disinfecting filtered water. Adding a UV stage will reduce the need for cleaning and flushing filter systems. The easily replaceable bulb is housed in a stainless steel tube and has around a 9000 hour life (over a year)

LC 8021

Leak Detector

  Moisture sensor stops leaks in water coolers, refrigerators, coffee makers, dishwashers and more. A low cost "insurance policy" for higher risk installations.




Some Typical Reverse Osmosis Contaminant Removal Rates

Aluminum 86%
Arsenic 94%
Bromide 87%
Chloride 87%
Chromate 86%
Cyanide 86%
Detergent 97%
Fluoride 87%
Herbicides 97%
Insecticides 97%
Lead 97%
Mercury 96%
Nickel 98%
Nitrate 80%
PCBs 97%
Phosphate 96%
Radium 80%
Silver 93%
Sodium 87%
Spores 99.9%
Sulfate 97%

*These rates may vary per testing.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a filtration technique that removes the dissolved solids that contaminate water. City water filtration plants treat water to remove dirt and debris, and often add chlorine and fluoride that are toxic to the human body. They do not remove the dissolved solids from water. Dissolved solids can be natural healthy minerals, but also many harmful contaminants such as lead, sulfides, arsenic, chromium and mercury. With the growing issue of ground and surface water contamination, filtering our drinking water has become more important than ever. This is where reverse osmosis steps in.

Reverse osmosis filtration can, on average, remove 95% of the impurities from water. Only about 1% of water used in the home is for drinking and cooking, which is about 2-3 gallons per day. So filtering just your drinking water makes sense.

Osmosis happens naturally in human and animal membranes. Pressure by salts in the body force water molecules through living membranes. This pressure is called osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis works from the pressure of city water forcing the pure water molecules through synthetic membranes. This filters out the natural and unnatural contaminants and the additives such as chlorine and fluoride, from the water. The result is two streams of water, the impure water with the dissolved solids is discarded down the drain and sent back to be recycled through the water system, while the pure water is sent to your faucet or water cooler.

Reverse osmosis water filtration is a very effective way to ensure that your drinking and cooking water is safe and unpolluted. To add to your peace of mind, it also eliminates tons of waste from plastic bottles. It is one of the sustainable solutions to the ever growing issue of plastic waste. Bottled water produces 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year, and it takes up to 47 million gallons of oil to produce. Reverse osmosis drinking water filtration promotes a healthier you, and a healthier planet.

Standard Installation for an RO Alkaline Ionized Water Filter

Below is a standard installation of the alkaline ionized filter with a 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis(RO)System.
How to Install an Alkaline Ionized Filter on a Reverse Osmosis RO System

About Filter Media Inside Alkamag Alkaline Water Filter

10 different filter medias in the alkaline filter for RO systemsEach Ionizing Alkaline Water Filter contains 10 different medias that include; a neodymium magnetic module, and Tourmaline ceramic that emits Far Infrared Rays, Super Ceramic that contains over 10 minerals to impart a pleasant taste to the water, and Calcor that boosts the pH of the water.
The 10 stage process starts with a high strength Neodymium Magnetic Module. Our Quartz Media is mined from California's Yuba Gold Fields and our special blend CalCor Media imparts a refreshing mineral taste to the water by dissolving Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Dioxide into the water stream. Tourmaline Ceramic emits a high capacity of Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions. The Negative Ion Ceramic Media discharges a high capacity of Negative Ions (above 800/cc). A Pi Ceramic layer further increases the waters pH and palatability while increasing the Oxidation-Reduction of the water molecule. The "Super Ceramic" layer contains over 10 Minerals and imparts a pleasant taste to the water emitting even more Far Infrared Rays. Almandine Garnet is a naturally occurring Gem Mineral with uniform physical, chemical, hardness, friability and micro-structure characteristics, which provide the essential properties for the water filtration process. The KDF Redox layer incorporates a special blend of high purity Copper and Zinc to reduce heavy metals, microorganisms, scale and is a listed Bacteriostat. The water exits through a Polishing Sediment Filter ensuring safe, clean, and crystal clear ionized drinking water.

Alkaline Inoized Water Vs. Acidic Water

A pH level of 7 is considered to be neutral, while most reverse osmosis and filtered tap water tends to be acidic. The Aptera RO Alkaline Water Filter raises the pH of your drinking water. The Aptera filter is also full of negatively charged ions that make your water a powerful antioxidant.
Acidic verse Alkaline Water

Alkamag RO Ionized Alkaline Water Filter FAQ's

  1. Will This Filter work with Any Reverse Osmosis (RO) System?
    Answer: Yes, the Aptera Alkamag Alkaline Filter can be used on any existing residential RO system. The Aptera filter needs to be placed on the permeate side of the membrane housing and before the holding tank to ensure the slowest flow rate for contact time with the media. The Aptera is available as an inline filter or a 2.5" x 10" cartridge.
  2. Do I need the Regular Filter, Inline Filter, or The Kit?
    Answer: Most customers will be using the Inline Aptera filter when retrofitting their existing RO system, but if your RO system is plumbed to utilize one of the vertical sumps as a post filter after the membrane, then use the 2.5" x 10" cartridge for superior remineralization and contact time. Use the filter kit to re-plumb your existing system if you don't want to use the inline version.
  3. What is the PH Level of the water with and without Filter?
    Answer: The pH level from RO systems will vary depending on influent water but can range from 5 to 6 pH. After installing the Aptera Alkaline Filter in it's proper location, pH levels can range from 7 to 10 pH.
  4. How long will the filter last?
    Answer: Over time the media in the Aptera Aklaline Ionizing RO filter will deplete and the pH level will move towards equalizing at 7 pH. This time period will vary depending on influent water conditions and water usage, but should be replace once a year, if not sooner.
  5. Will the filter remove any other contaminates?
    Answer: The Aptera Alkaline Filter is designed as a remineralization device and does not remove or reduce any contaminants from the water, but puts beneficial mineral back into your RO water to raise the pH and lower the ORP of your drinking water



JES Water Systems

We are an authorized dealer of Vertex Water Products. Our Vertex products are approved by the Water Quality Association. And are ENERGY STAR® efficient.

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